Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Newport - Concrete Jumble where is in order

A good parody of New York by Jay Z called Newport. Being half welsh i find this quite funny.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Old Spice rules the TV and the internet

After winning the Grand Prix with an advert that is clever and dare i say it... original (no youtube references found for this one!!) now releases their second TV spot and takes the internet by storm.

The follow up is just as good as the first and has line that equals the comedy value of "I'm on a horse".

However, it's what they did next which is really clever. Seeing all the comments they were getting for the adverts and their 'Perfect Man' character, they decided to get the Old Spice 'Perfect man' to reply to some of them. The amazing thing is all the responses were by video.

The Old Spice 'Perfect Man' spent all of yesterday making personal video responses to some of his fans. There were 87 in total. He replied to Tweets, forum threads, youtube comments and even made a marriage proposal for someone.

All the scripts are really good considering they would have all be written in a few minutes before filming. Hats off to all involved.

The marriage proposal

Celebrities even got a mention. Including Alyssa Milano and Demi Moore.

Their prop fish made it into quite a few responses. The props used were really funny.

This is the last one of the day and they are still going strong.

Watch all of them on the Old Spice Youtube channel.

There's more on it here. And also read about how they did this here.