Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Quest for the Idea.

Why is it insanely difficult coming up with those ideas that are just mind bending-ly obvious?

We've all had that creative feeling rising up inside hoping there are some ideas like this left to grab! They are out there for the taking, it's just a matter of finding them.

We offer up these examples that we've found.

Shreddies - what's could be said about Shreddies that new and interesting?...Nothing really. So they tilt them on a 45% angle and create a new product to push! New Diamond Shreddies.

Brilliant, simple and funny! Check it all out here. It's a really good integrated campaign!

Equal Measures - A functional measuring jug given a interesting thought provoking twist by coming up with a new system to measure with. As much flour as the worlds population anyone?

See it in all its glory here.Construction Eating Utensils - We know, we seem to have a thing about novelty forks. But this is a great idea to get kids to eat and have fun doing it. Ticks all the right boxes for parents!

Get some bulldozing action here.

Daft Charleston

This afternoon we bring you some dancing madness in the form of the Charleston. Once a de-funked dance...that is until it is mixed with a bit of Daft Punk. Blam!!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

A Mini bit of madness!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mini advertising! A bit of slick design and cool interaction shows off the new Mini Clubman.

See Loop here, Turn here and Removal here.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Now for something really good!

I won't ruin the surprise! It's just bang on!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Honorable Toastie

While Digital Roy is off gallivanting i thought i would take some time to talk about the toastie.

We've both been really skint this month and had to find cheap "creative" ways to feed ourselves that doesn't mean we have to raid bins!

Making sandwiches on the cheap gets boring very quickly. We're in our second week of cheap lunches and have decided we needed a fresh angle.

This is where the toastie machine comes into play!

Why is it if you put a mundane sandwich in a toastie machine it comes out tasting 10 times better and seems more glamorous? We're not getting comments like "counting the pennies i see" instead we're being praised "a toastie, what a good idea!"

I'm beginning to see this toastie experiment as an analogy for ideas for ads.

You have an idea, its ok, not the most original thought. What could make it original and might get people talking is probably the treatment, its final look and feel.

The design department is the toastie machine. I think its important to get these guys feedback on an ad as they know whats possible and could brown it to perfection.

So my conclusion is...

If you have an ok idea put it in the toastie machine for five minutes and create a great ad!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Digital Roy and Big G do Science!

(from the left) Our CD, Digy Roy and Big G trying to act like a band through the heat camera in the Launch Pad area.

The Listening Post

Today we got taken by our Creative Director to the London Science Museum to suckle at the teat of inspiration.

It's alway good to get out and just see arty crap, touch this, play with that etc. generally just lark about! You don't get the same "i feel creative" feeling when your constantly looking at a laptop. Anyone else agree?

Anyway if you cheeky Londoners out there fancy a great bit of inspiration we recommend the Listening Post and the Launch pad area in the Science Museum. The latter is a great hands on science experiment experience.

The Listening Post is...

"...a ‘dynamic portrait’ of online communication, displaying uncensored fragments of text, sampled in real-time, from public internet chatrooms and bulletin boards. Artists Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin have divided their work into seven separate ‘scenes’ akin to movements in a symphony. Each scene has its own ‘internal logic’, sifting, filtering and ordering the text fragments in different ways."

Check out this video for more of an idea of what its like.

We thought it was insane. The idea of tapping into random chat rooms and voicing what people are writing is brilliant!

Oh, and if anyone can think of a cool band name for the first picture we might think about cutting a record!

Digy Roy and Big G Over and Out.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Sponge Cake

Washing up never seemed like such a good idea!

Let's talk turd

Staying with the subject of toilets check out this very well made viral.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Trance is Back!

Digital Roy and Myself have been making our very own trance beat to get through some down time in the office! This guy Tony has made a simple keyboard to relive your happy hardcore days.

Go here to make your own! Its worth us.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Ballpoint pen cutlery.

This just makes perfect sense, well in Big G's mind anyway! Ever tried to find clean cutlery at a busy agency? Nuff said!

It's just a nice idea.

This is a gem of an idea by Becky Miller, a recent graduate from the University of Brighton.

Check out her work here.

Monday, 4 February 2008

People Freeze in Grand Central.

One of the better flash mob type stunts we've seen.

Straight 8 - Old school film making at its best

One super 8mm cartridge, no editing.

Sounds like a challenge doesn't it? Digital Roy and myself are toying with the idea of coming up with some off the wall type film to enter.

Super 8 sounds like a creative playground...and may help me slay the frustrated film maker inside of me! You all know you have one laying dormant dying to get out!

The film still show is called "Sticks and Balls" and is one of the better entries. Watching this and the vast amount of films on the website it seems that they're after something that is just a good bit of film with a bit of audience charm.

Check it out for yourself here.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Gillette. The only thing a man can get.

So, I expect many men have had the “crap, what one do I get” moment, is it the one with the battery, the one with 16 blades, or the one called Fusion-Techo-Bigman. These are decisions that we have to make whether we like it or not, and I expect I’m not the only man that resents having to make them. However it’s all made up for by the fact that we are gently carried along the shaving train. We are given simple baby steps, basically each razor seems to have something extra that mine doesn’t, and one thing is for sure I don’t want any man to know I’m inadequate (in the shaving department). So in a vein attempt to be the best! I continue to buy what is literally pushed in my face. If you’re anything like me you wait for birthdays and Christmas' to have the decision taken out of your hands. Plus not paying for it holds my resentfulness at bay.

Anyway, lets talk Gillette. Is it the best a man can get? Probably not. Is it the only thing a man can get? Yes. Ok there is Wilkinson Sword, but that just reminds me of my dad, who's even converted to Gillette (maybe not through choice). But Gillette feels like the lynx of the shaving world, I want a razor to come into my life with no fussy bits and a slice of class. Oh, and realism, I’m not a champion, I don’t high five every time I make a business deal and unfortunately I have never been an astronaut.

So in conclusion, Gillette. The best a man can get…for now.

Sleeve Art

This was something we stumbled upon at the beginning of the year. Who would have thought that vinyl sleeves would make a comeback in this modern world of downloading!

Quick fact - apparently 90% of purchased music is downloaded.

This actually brings up an idea that we were discussing the other day.

Album art needs to develop. At the moment what would have been a large canvas now only exists as a jpeg that just sits as a still on itunes. But it could be so much more. Bring on interactivity is what we say!

Artists could create artwork that could be moved, changed and played with (embedded videos maybe). Music can touch on more senses! Just think of the itunes visualiser as your own music and visual playground!

Album artwork should be moving along way from Vinyl sleeves very soon we think!

Anyone else thinks artists could benefit from immersing their audience in an audio/visual experience? Imagine the Daft Punk concert experience right on your laptop...Awesome!