Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Guess what they're for

This is a simple, but clever solution to a very real problem. You see the solution here. So, what's it for? Leave your guess in the comments!

Christmas Present Ideas

For her...this wonderful mince handbag. For him...a vintage bacon suitcase. If you have a grandfather who is an avid gardener get him this handy garden tool pen knife. Not forgetting the cheeky cousin..why not treat him to his own girlfriend pillow!

Potato Parade

This charming little viral from McCain has come just at the right time. Just when we were all starting to think, for something to work virally it has to be unbelievable, bizarre, disgusting or rude.

This little nugget encapsulates everything that is good with the world; Potatoes, and using potatoes to put on a little parade in honour of your loved ones.

We think this all round crowd pleaser is a flawless little gem, with great design and amazing animation by British legends Aardman.

Take a look for yourself here

Also look out for the potato with the slightly camp wave. Perfect.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Honey Badger

Enough said.

Dirty Car Art

Gone are the days of drawing a simple but effective cock on the rear windscreen of a filthy Volvo estate. No more ‘I wish my wife was this dirty’ written on the white vans of Britain.

Now it would seem people are taking the time to draw full pieces of art on a grubby window pains. Granted, it's all quite good and there’s a lot of skill involved. However there’s a lot of skill involved in thinking on your feet for the perfect pun before the owner of the Audi comes back to find you drunkenly scribbling on his pride and joy. It also takes great skill to draw the perfect ‘quick cock’. Nothing too ambitious, it should ideally be drawn in just 2 fluid finger strokes and sit at average eye level.

We think there’s a time and place for art, and a time and place for cocks, never should they be confused.

Take a look for yourself here

The card of Christmas future

Once upon a time there were three types of Christmas card. The traditional one, the unfunny attempt at humour one, and the stupidly long ‘Christmas family newsletter’. Personally I would rather spend my precious time eating actual lard than read how well your daughter is doing in the police force, or how many awards your ridiculously intelligent son has won at school. I might be interested if the ‘newsletter’ had some truth and went something like this…

“My husband slept with his 21 year old secretary, James. My daughter has taken more drugs than she has confiscated in the police. And although my son has won many awards, he has barely any social skills and will no doubt one day be seen on the 9 o’clock news.”

I’m glad to say Christmas cards have changed. This little number from Glue London takes our number 1 spot. The gluers are attempting to ride the distance to Lapland live online. The viewer can watch their progress, send words of encouragement and donate to charity. Although not all words seem to be that of encouragement, they are funny. We think a card that makes you genuinely laugh and take time out to interact with is a winner. Plus with the added good will gesture of doing it for charity, it hits the Christmas nail on the head.

Take a look for yourself here