Thursday, 10 December 2009

Singing in the shower

This is the second post with girls wearing not alot this week. Don't worry, it's last one.

Anyway, this is a new campaign for Burger King in the UK called 'Singing in the shower'. Every morning a lovely lady hops into the shower and sings a song. You choose the song and the bikini she wears.

Just so you know guys, there's not a 'No bikini' option.

It's silly and a little removed from Burger King, but it will get visits because there's a hot, naked chick....sorry, lady singing everyday.

Singing in the shower is here.

While we're on naked girls in creative we might as well mention this banner. It's 10 mega bytes big and has a girl stripping. We won't ruin the suprise anymore!

It's here if you really really need to take a look.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Complete Bayhem

Victoria Secret advert directed by Michael Bay.

Interested? Of course you are.

Michael Bay is all about less plot more action, girls and explosions. Kudos to the guy to some extent because he does what he does very well.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Hire a gimp and get free calls and text

Exactly....why didn't we think of this?

Someone in our office stumbled across Giff Gaff, a new phone network. They are promoting their service in a slightly different way to say Vodafone or O2. They let you hire out different 'tools' to get a free calls and txt sim in return for making a video of your experience.

This is their mantra which is why we have ended up with a Gimp in our office.

"To introduce the world to giffgaff, the first people powered mobile network, we’ve created Tool hire. We think it’s a nice expression of our people powered ways and general back-scratching mentality. Hire a tool for free, make a great video, and we’ll give you a SIM card providing you with free UK calls, texts and internet for a year.

So, the Gimp was one of the weird and wonderful things you could hire. Take a look at the rest of their tools here.

Giff Gaff are hoping that the 'tool' are mental enough that people will blog and post their experiences on youtube.

I think it might have worked.

Oh, forgot to mention that we made him dance just before he left. Below is the remix, aptly named The Gimp Groove.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Star Wars on Facebook

Geeky...but funny. So they are alright in our digital space.

The Sun 4.0

The Sun has been the best handheld for 40 years.