Friday, 30 May 2008

We're feeling useless.

So here's a song called "Feel Me". 

Digy Roy and myself overdid it last night, and are on our last digital legs. So here's a bit of relaxing music from Just Like Little People. I really like this (i'm biased cause she's my sister) and hopefully it will get some downloads from itunes next month.

Anyway the bands got some more track here on her Myspace page. Let us know what you think. 

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Bug 07, The Directors Cut

Sonny J - Handsfree

Flight of the Conchords - Ladies of the world.

Liars - Plaster cast of Everything.

Got taken to Bug, a music video and advertising showcase at the National Film Theatre on Southbank. It was presented by Douglas Wilson who recently directed the Tide Ad for Yellow Box storage.

It was a good night and was made better by being a very spur of the moment trip (thanks to my house mate). Got a surge of creative energy after watching some quality music videos such as Sledgehammer-Peter Gabriel and the D&AD pencil winning video Liars-Plaster cast of everything.

There was one by Brighton Port Authority (Fatboy Slims new guise) that i couldn't find, but when it surfaces on the interweb i'll post it cause it was the best of the lot. He also strayed from music videos and showed the Skittles adverts, and a couple of bonkers stop motion shorts from PES. I urge you see his videos here.

Take a look at a few of the music videos above and go here to see the Bug website.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Growing creativity

This is an ace way of looking at creativity. Can you learn creativity or are you born with it?

Who knows.

Friday, 23 May 2008

A Direct Manipulation Video Player (it's cooler than it sounds)

Just seen this new cool bit of tech for video. The basics of it is that you don't have to use the timeline at the bottom of say a you tube clip to control the video playback.

What you can now do is grab certain elements within the video and effect the motion forwards and backwards. This is pretty cool news for digital geeks such as ourselves, we can scrap the scroll bars in banner ads and just use the video as the control. 

I can see it being a bit of a scramble for most digital creatives to work this into a banner ad campaign! Hopefully we'll be first. 

Unless anyone knows of anywhere it's been used?

The eye patch store

"Everyone has different needs when it comes to eye patches." Says Jessica.

Digy Roy found the eye patch store today, go here to read some testimonials from some very happy customers. They even give a run down of historical figures, important people and film stars who all have worn eye patches. Just in case you thought no one wore them!

One thing we noticed was that their wasn't a single mention of a pirate?

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Some more gems we've found. Go here for a whole load of fail. Shipment of Fail might be our new favorite website. 

This is why we love the internet!

Advice for creative types !

As creatives we are meant to embrace failure (think that's the WK motto.) Benjamin Franklin said "I haven't failed, i've had 10,000 ideas that didn't work!"

"Fail, fail again. Fail better." said Samuel Beckett 

But, don't do it like these videos!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


At the moment Digy Roy and myself have a bit of downtime in the office. We've actually been trying to find a brief to work on...with no luck. 

When there's nothing to do we seem to shut down. For instance, just got sent this picture and didn't get it at first. That's how bad it's getting!

Thursday, 15 May 2008


Could this be better than sleeve art? We'll let you guys decide. Go here to see all the photos.

Friday, 9 May 2008

The Dark Knight Cometh

If you haven't seen any of the viral sites for The Dark Knight, where have you been? Check out the posters here, really like the look and feel of them and there's loads.

But that's not what's really cool about the buzz for this film. Cloverfield attempted it, but this film takes the cake literally.

"On December 3rd a new page appeared at with a hammer game and some teddy bear toys. Each toy had an address on it located in a number of cities around the US. The note on the game told people to go to that address and say their name was "Robin Banks" (get it, "Robbing Banks") and they'd get something there. It was first come, first serve, and each location was a bakery. What they were given was a cake with a phone number written on it. Now here's the best part: inside the cake was an evidence bag (complete with Gotham City Police printing) that contained a cell phone, a charger, a Joker playing card and a note with instructions."

Read the whole story here. The film has just flooded with internet with fake sites and little easter egg type things to wet your appetite for the film. Here's one of them.

and the rest are all linked from here. It's proper geek stuff. 

Thursday, 8 May 2008

What your Sell??

Here's some barcode art! Did you know that barcodes only need the center to be right for it to work? So the top and bottom can be designed how you see fit. Just wait to see if it becomes fashionable over here. Those crazy Japanese seem to be using these already.

And this tediously links me into this next part...  

Been looking at a lot of blogs of late, especially creative/ advertising type ones. Now like anyone starting a blog you have to find your ticket into other bloggers links (hearts?) and also peoples bookmark bars otherwise no one's going to know your blog exists, and what's the point of a blog if you don't have any traffic? 

A catchy title obviously helps (people in advertising should have this part down) but what's your sell? How do you differentiate yourself from all the existing blogs? We never decided to just blog about digital creativity cause not everybody cares about it. If we think it's good we'll put it up. 

We like the ideas/photos/designs that make you realise there are some great creative people out there. If you just feel creative/happy/motivated from looking at our blog then we've done our job. I hope this post did just that!

Maybe some day, our work will be blogged about in the same way.


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

It's really hot so here's something cool!

This is stuff from the illustrator Parra who designs out of the Rockwell Shop. They do some great limited prints and are always adding new designs. So i suggest you go here to pick up a seriously well illustrated piece of clothing (Big G has one himself).

His video below is particular weird...but oozes coolness.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


adiPURE. See pure performance here

Gazelle Guidance. Keep your cool here

Here are a couple of page takeovers for the launch of the adiPURE football boot and the Gazelle Guidance Running Trainer.

Take a look at adiPURE overlay here. Yes, we know it's one of those annoying overlays, but this one hits you with its message and then disappears! Make sure you turn up the speakers cause it's got some cool sound design.

See the Gazelle Guidance roadblock here. This pushes its 30k limit to the max and shows that you can still do some good interactive work with the standard format. 

Monday, 5 May 2008

Art Pixilations

If only all art was as cool as this! Found on Wonderland. Good blog to check out.