Monday, 17 December 2007

Dirty Car Art

Gone are the days of drawing a simple but effective cock on the rear windscreen of a filthy Volvo estate. No more ‘I wish my wife was this dirty’ written on the white vans of Britain.

Now it would seem people are taking the time to draw full pieces of art on a grubby window pains. Granted, it's all quite good and there’s a lot of skill involved. However there’s a lot of skill involved in thinking on your feet for the perfect pun before the owner of the Audi comes back to find you drunkenly scribbling on his pride and joy. It also takes great skill to draw the perfect ‘quick cock’. Nothing too ambitious, it should ideally be drawn in just 2 fluid finger strokes and sit at average eye level.

We think there’s a time and place for art, and a time and place for cocks, never should they be confused.

Take a look for yourself here

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