Tuesday, 24 June 2008


We seem to be liking a lot of American Adverts at the moment. These Gatorade posters twist iconic shot and we think they work like a treat. The new "Leave nothing" American Football campaign (Bronze at Cannes) that was shot by Michael Mann has a killer soundtrack, crank up the sound and you'll want to go out and play some Football man!

I asked Digy Roy why America seems to have better advertising than us at the moment (whopper freakout, Skittles to name a few!) and he cleverly replied.

"Because they have more people than us" 

True dat playa, true dat.    

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MQ1 said...


the gatorade ads are from AlmapBBDO, from Brazil.

And I don't think it's about the number of people, but the amount of money.