Monday, 21 July 2008

Who's else is excited about The Dark Knight

Who's excited about the The Dark Knight film? Answer...everyone!! The PR on this film has been really good and gotten into every channel conceivable. Any cool bits of content anyone has found, please send it our way. The viral stuff has been particularly cool but we have yet to find it all!!  

This is something quite geeky but equally cool for The Dark Knight. You can make your own Batmobile (otherwise known as the Tumbler) out of paper. So since the weather is not letting us play outside this could be a good rainy day project.

Download the PDF and instructions here.

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Rachel and Debbie said...

Oh wow, im gonna be making that later on! Did you see all the stuff over on I am so jealous of the americans, they got all the fun stuff, mobiles in cakes, free pizzas plus batman masks, and the tickets to the premier through the best viral games you have ever seen for a movie. I've been following it for ages (sad as it is) and I am dying to see it!