Friday, 5 December 2008

What's your batting average??

Be honest with yourself! As a creative, out of all the ideas that you came up with this year, what do you reckon was the percentage that saw the light of day?

The one thing that we think is close to a creatives strike rate for ideas being produced is a baseball player stepping up to the plate. Stay with us on this one... 

The batting average of major league baseball (top division) player is around the 28-30% mark. They only actually connect with the ball about a third of the time. 

We think coming up with ideas is kind of the same percentage.  

Some ideas hit first base, they're cool. They work and the client is happy.

Others manage to get to second. The client is happy, account people and planners say "that is bang on brief", creative director says "good, but it's not an award winner"

Then you may hit third! CD really likes the idea, it could be great. Gold even! comes the client to water it down. 

Then there's the home run. Now a home run doesn't mean "cracked". It means that you got the good idea, it really pleased your CD, client's happy and maybe you might slide in for an award. 

Think about all the briefs you "connect" with, get the ideas and then the work never see the light of day??

We just hope that next year we can make sure we at least smack one out of the park!!

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facu said...

let´s enjoy playing. it´s all i can say. :)