Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Invention needed

Wi-Fi sneakers.

Solar power from your shades. 

We're trying to think of a good invention for the future at the moment. A simple idea that will better our lives or the world. We thought it would be easy but it's proving to be more of a mind puzzle than we first thought. 

One reason we're mentally blocked is this idea will be exhibited to clients and the press in a few weeks...that put's the pressure on. Whatever we think of will have our names and the agencies all over it. So we want it to be good.

There's a couple of good inventions above which are quite futuristic and not too unrealistic.

It's a shame that this idea has kind of been done.  

1 comment:

that french saying said...

How strange, last night I had a dream I invented a steam powered toaster.

Put on kettle

Connects to toaster

Steam powers toaster

Make toast while you brew up

Bingo. I want credit if you use that though.