Thursday, 26 February 2009

Trying to sit and be creative

Right, we find we have a problem coming up with ideas at our desks, not all the time but it's happened more often than not. We're not sure why yet but whenever we put ourselves in a more quirky seated position we can think of ideas. Sitting on a sofa, the desk, standing on one leg or lunging just seems to do it for us.  

Sitting normally  doesn't seem to help us at all. Maybe cause it doesn't seem that inspiring staring at a Mac screen, or it could be the added distractions of email, facebook, youtube, digg, blogging blah blah blah we won't go on.  

We always find we awkwardly throw our legs over the slanted plastic arm rests of our desk chairs, try and sit sideways or put our feet up on anything we can. The recycle bin upside down usually works quite nicely. 

But we think we're found the answer in the chair above. It's called the Capisco chair and it lets you sit backwards, sideways and also frontways. Pretty much anyways. We just need to convince our office manager that a £1000 chair will produce the award winning goods. If not, it still looks pretty cool. 

So that's why we're blogging, cause we're sitting normally and can think of nout!

Anybody else have better ideas with weirder ergonomics? 

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