Monday, 6 July 2009

Tweet Ta Woo!

The Tweet wheel.

Just Landed in...


If loads of celebrities using Twitter hasn't made it sexy enough already, then these visualisations will. 

The image at the top is the Tweet wheel. This shows where all the tweets are going to and coming from within a select group of people. It's not working anymore but as you can see, it looked pretty good.

Just Landed in... shows peoples traveling tweets on a world map. It only picks up a tweet that contains the words "just landed in". It also tracks where they last tweeted from and the location of their 'just landed in' tweet. This is probably the best one in our opinion.  

The last visualisation is an actual 3D sea where all Tweeters are turned into fish. Apparently, no more people can join this sea of tweeting until the next version. But it looks like it's given a whole new angle on how we could interact with twitter. 

There's more visualisation goodness at Mashable.

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