Thursday, 22 October 2009

Someone finally hacks google street view...

... and it's a band and not a brand!

I'm quite taken back by The Editors use of google street view to promote their new album.

There are various points to click on a google map. Each position relates to an area that inspired a song on the album. When you reach a specific point in Street View a special arrow appears, and takes you to a night scene involving the band. The Street View scene with the Editors still uses the same Street View navigation to explore it, which makes the whole experience mesh together nicely. Now i'm not a huge fan of the band. But, it is nice to hear the song playing as you look around the area which it was written about.

It's about time another band challenged Radiohead for thinking of new, interesting, ideas and channels to promote an album.

I take my digital hats off to The Editors for trying something new and all the dev team that made it happen!

Good stuff.