Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Hire a gimp and get free calls and text

Exactly....why didn't we think of this?

Someone in our office stumbled across Giff Gaff, a new phone network. They are promoting their service in a slightly different way to say Vodafone or O2. They let you hire out different 'tools' to get a free calls and txt sim in return for making a video of your experience.

This is their mantra which is why we have ended up with a Gimp in our office.

"To introduce the world to giffgaff, the first people powered mobile network, we’ve created Tool hire. We think it’s a nice expression of our people powered ways and general back-scratching mentality. Hire a tool for free, make a great video, and we’ll give you a SIM card providing you with free UK calls, texts and internet for a year.

So, the Gimp was one of the weird and wonderful things you could hire. Take a look at the rest of their tools here.

Giff Gaff are hoping that the 'tool' are mental enough that people will blog and post their experiences on youtube.

I think it might have worked.

Oh, forgot to mention that we made him dance just before he left. Below is the remix, aptly named The Gimp Groove.