Friday, 10 September 2010

Oh shit! People really do use Twitter

The Lucky Counter


We've put off using Twitter for a while. We've always said 'Who uses Twitter? Really?".

Seems, quite a few people do. We found out via Mashable that there's now over 145 million Twitter registered users.

Well we've eaten our words, joined, and realised that this Tweeting fad ain't going away. So, we're going to roll with it and go Twitter crazy!

Anyway, here's two ideas from Uniqlo that use Twitter. The first is 'Lucky Counter', and it's ace. Before the start of their sale they allowed customers to discount their clothing. But how? I hear you all cry.

Well, all a customer had to do was Retweet the clothing promotion and the price went down by 0.001 p. It's great and oozes the 'share factor' as you want more people to Retweet so you can get cheaper clothes.

The second is UTweet and this seems to just mash your Tweets with Uniqlo fashion. Not as good but interesting to watch.

And as a treat to end this post. Here's the new Kings of Leon Track Radioactive. It's going to be a new anthem!

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