Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Caught up on Twitter

Ask a few people around your office if they are on Twitter and they’ll probably say ‘No’.

It’s amazing how everyone seems to talk about it, but rarely anyone uses it.

I think in our department of eighteen, four people actually use it. And one only knows how to use it really well.

Don’t get me wrong Twitter is very useful. It's a great tool. And that's what it should be.

It’s not the core of an idea.

There is one exception to this. Best Buy’s Twelp Force. However, I don’t think they decided to definitely use twitter.

Twelp force came from the core thought of how could Best Buy make their helpful employee’s even better. Twitter was the right platform for this idea, as it gave everyone at Best Buy a voice.

It seems simple now, but I bet you CP&B came up with lots of other ways of executing it.

We've found that when you work for a digital led agency you can get very focused on new digital mediums, innovative new stuff and just get trapped in a bit of a bubble.

"Everyone uses Twitter." (Yes, I think i actually said that and then got a savage talking too from my creative other half)

You actually forget that the wider audience aren’t subjected to everything you might be.

What you must not forget is that ideas really haven’t changed.

It’s all about starting with a truth about what makes us human.

Once you’ve got that then you can execute it in the right way for the brand, and the audience.

So remember, ideas don’t start with Twitter. They end up on there.

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