Thursday, 9 December 2010

Fancy being famous?

Keenan Cahill with special guest. One of the weirdest Youtube double acts i've seen.

Success in front of the camera isn't easy. TV, film and the music industry are notoriously hard to break into.

The biggest reason is you usually have to fit in with a certain type of look or image. There are lots of talented people out there. But looking right makes getting in front of camera much easier.

However, We're noticing Youtube is become a place for people to get in front of a camera, and becoming quite successful in their own unique way. It seems looking a little weird on Youtube is a virtue. People who fit the perfect looking person bracket seem dull next to some of these dudes.

Take the video above from from Keenan Cahill. He simple mouths along to popular songs and then manages to get over 7 million views a time.

The draw is his look. A normal, nerdy 15 year old in his bedroom.

If he went for a presenting or acting role he wouldn't have been given the light of day. But starting on Youtube and building a fan base now means he's getting on these mainstream shows.

And good on him. I bet advertisers are banging on his door to use him.

Youtube is increasingly becoming a place to make your name. Don't worry if you don't look like a film or TV star.

Because Youtube welcomes you with open arms.

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