Tuesday, 8 April 2008

A micro bit inspired

Here's a cool idea from Micro Machines (top photo). 

The inspiration must have come from little people street art. The artist puts really small models of people in really big places. We like this.

We're spotting a lot of things that creative types (especially in advertising) have obviously looked at for inspiration. For instance the new Sacia Pesto advert is inspired from Lasse Gjertsen and his Hyperactive beat boxing video. The Think "break dancing bear" was a direct lift from a perception video using a dancing gorilla that went around offices in september last year. There is also an ad out that lifts the Ok Go treadmill dance which we haven't been able to find, but we will.

We seem to be all looking at the same stuff and it all seems to be from Youtube. 

At least Sony Play Doh was apparently inspired from a painting.  

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