Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Biggest Human Snake Ever!

We haven't really done a post about anything to do with digital advertising for ages, so we thought it was about time we mention a bit of it. 

The Nokia N-Gage - "Get out and play" website is a good bit of digital by the Swedish agency Far Far, go here to check it out for yourself. It's great to see it not just existing on TV, if it did at all...we're not sure. The interactive element adds to the charm and means it's not just another video using stop motion. We also like the interactive loading screen (top image) that lets you play a simple arcade game while you wait.  

Just watch as the main character moves about and begins to be joined by various people to create an insanely long Snake. It's obviously based around that very popular game that first appeared on Nokia handsets back in the 90s and the stop motion space invaders film by Guillaume Reymond. If you've never seen it, watch it here.  

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