Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Don't re-use, re-interpret.

One of the problems we find ourselves in now and again is that we re-use the same technology for different ideas. Or we don’t look at using the technology again once we’ve found a good idea for it. Either way it’s a waste of that technology. 

We are now more conscience of trying to re-interpret how we could use tech. Twist it, mould it to create something digitally unique. Everyone is using Augmented Reality, webcams and interactive and seeded video now. So everyone, including us will have to start thinking a little bit more about how we implement our chosen format. 

This example here called B flat is the evidence to my point. 

Youtube. Everyone knows it, everyone’s used it. 

But this idea is a great way of using what is now a standard digital format in a completely fresh way.

Using music instrument instruction youtube videos this site creates a layered music track. Brilliant! 

It’s a whole new way to kick start some new thinking about how to use videos on youtube. 

No more just linear playout. 

It gives digital technology a fresh spin. 

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