Thursday, 15 April 2010

Why you want to be sponsored by Nike

This new Tiger Woods Nike TV spot caused a nice bit of controversy.

Using Tiger Woods late father as a voice over to acknowledge his affairs was always going to make peoples heads turn and go 'eh?'.

Unlike every other brand that Tiger Woods was linked with they didn't drop him. I guess what they didn't want to do is just make out like his massive 'bogeys' never happened. That was their call, which is cool with me. But, how they got Tiger 'very private, don't talk to media' Woods to agree to this is amazing.

From an athletes point of view this is something that's worth more than their sponsorship cheque. It's a brand that actually stands by you through the good times and the bad times. It shows that no one can mess with Nike and they still rule the sports playground.

The athletes that are experience good times are all in this Nike spot. I guess Tiger didn't get an invite.

Here's the Tiger Wood's good times.

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