Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A Creative Team worth following

Lissie's Cuckoo interactive music video

No, not us. But a team that work for Sony's music label.

Steve Milbourne and Phil Clandillon have done some really cool stuff recently. We've mentioned their google street view mash up for the band The Editors. But their most recent piece of work is for a new artist called Lissie. You can change the weather in her music video by clicking on a google map below. The edits between the weather changes are cleverly covered with clips of a weather man. Take a look at it in action here.

What's great about their recent bits of work is that it shows how open googles API is, and the scope of what can be done. If you're interested in seeing more of what can be done using googles API just go their goollery.

However, that's not it from Steve and Phil.

They also did this cool viral for Guitar Hero and Kasabian... and Umbro. Three brands in one go... back of the net!

They also did this interesting video for AC/DC using Excel.

Plus this cool use of women covered in paint for Calvin Harris.

It's all impressive stuff, and every piece of work has a nice interactive/digital twist which really gives them a niche. We're sure a lot of new artist will go to them in the future to get some cut through in the already crowded music industry.

Their work is all here. And there's a good article from Andrew McMillen about them here.

Follow (not stalk!) Steve Milbourne here and Phil Clandillon here. We are.

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