Friday, 28 January 2011

QR codes get pretty

The normal QR code that 'the entire world' know about...right?

Don Perignon's sexy QR codes that point to the campaign below

QR codes. Every one in advertising has heard about them. Everyone else hasn't.

They are a coded image that when photographed by a smart phone, sends it a link to an image, URL or video.

It's a very smart barcode if you want to explain it to someone out of advertising.

It seems they are finally making their way onto posters in this country.

We saw this nice example of how they can be incorporated into a brands logo. It means they don't stick out like a black and white sore thumb on the page.

They can now work with the look of a poster and give the people who know what it is more information.

Nifty stuff hey?

The company that do them are called Set Japan.

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