Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Thoughts for a Tuesday

Subaru: Choose your driving angle.

A nice use of interactivity on Youtube. Different angles in film are all the rage.

The future of mobile tagging.

You might just be getting used to writing the words 'share' and 'status update' into every creative doc you write. But don't forget mobile advertising's potential this year.

Scan read this slide show for a quick hit of mobile point of sale and QR code banter.

Facebook and mobile are soon going to be hand in hand as Facebook places start offering deals for check ins.

Deals will offer up a new way of getting customers interested and loyal to a brand. Go into a shop, check in three times and get 20% off.

"What's that Mr Brand? Money off. Yes please!" (Customers will say)

Check out this example...


This is quite cool. Not massively impressed by the execution. But the tech is nice.

Interactive Display Window Concept from Gustaf Engström on Vimeo.

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