Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Nice update of Mortal Kombat

This is a nice new film update of the computer game Mortal Kombat. The Hollywood version was kinda shit, but these short episodes re-introduce all the characters in a much cooler way. Computer game shorts seem to have had a resurgence online of late by finding enough budget to put together something that Hollywood never could.

Check out the Street Fighter Legacy short below. Another nice film short with Ryu vs Ken. Weirdly, i actually used to go to Art College with the guy who plays Ken. He now has a much cooler career path that involves dragon ball punches.

The prologue that sets up all the characters for Mortal Kombat Legacy.

MK Legacy - Episode 1

Just click through the annotations on this video to find the other eight shorts. Scorpion vs Sub Zero is particularly good.

Street Fighter Legacy

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