Thursday, 8 May 2008

What your Sell??

Here's some barcode art! Did you know that barcodes only need the center to be right for it to work? So the top and bottom can be designed how you see fit. Just wait to see if it becomes fashionable over here. Those crazy Japanese seem to be using these already.

And this tediously links me into this next part...  

Been looking at a lot of blogs of late, especially creative/ advertising type ones. Now like anyone starting a blog you have to find your ticket into other bloggers links (hearts?) and also peoples bookmark bars otherwise no one's going to know your blog exists, and what's the point of a blog if you don't have any traffic? 

A catchy title obviously helps (people in advertising should have this part down) but what's your sell? How do you differentiate yourself from all the existing blogs? We never decided to just blog about digital creativity cause not everybody cares about it. If we think it's good we'll put it up. 

We like the ideas/photos/designs that make you realise there are some great creative people out there. If you just feel creative/happy/motivated from looking at our blog then we've done our job. I hope this post did just that!

Maybe some day, our work will be blogged about in the same way.


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