Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Carb Free Revolution

Well we hope you like the re-vamped site! We say re-vamped, but it's just a new font and header, but hey... it looks prettier. 

Considering we work in digital advertising we thought it would be an idea to get some cool little widgets on the go. So we've made Carb Free TV and Carb Free Music, this means we can let you know what's keeping us inspired visually and musically. Hopefully we'll have a flickr widget (Carb Free Gallery perhaps?) up and running so when we're out and about and spot something of real coolness we can get it straight to our blog.  

Anyway onto the interesting bit of the post...

Last FM has come on a bit since we last looked at it. The real appeal is to listen to music for free. We're feeling the pinch in our wallets a bit so this has become a cool way to find out about new music we might like and just want to listen to. The more we play our itunes and the radio it should learn out listening habits and find music we'll like...cool eh! 

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