Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Techno Techno Techno

First up is the Esquire 75th anniversary cover which seems to be taking us one step closer to Minority Report style video cereal boxes. Nice to see magazines getting a slice of technology action.

Second is the new site from channel 4 called 4mation. You can see their "word spreading" little widget to the right, it's pretty pointless really, but that's what is fun about it. Just roll your mouse over and it will be cleaned of all its sins. Hit the link above and check out some bizzare and surreal animation.

And third, is the Wario youtube takeover. It's a really nice media buy and what is equally good is that all this links still work. It's not just a overlay, an actual youtube page gets destroyed. Watch it here.


The Oxymorons said...

Just seen this take over. Simple and very engaging. We like.

Mel said...

Thanks for adding the badge... we think it's kinda fun! Hope you're enjoying the site...