Wednesday, 1 April 2009

This is a pretty visualisation using Google Earth and Twitter. It shows people’s 'Tweets' when the snow fell a couple of months ago. 

There are a whole host of digital ideas yet to be implemented using Twitter and visualising what people are talking about. For instance, a brand could do a stunt and could see who was ‘Tweeting’ about it on Twitter. The information could then be visualised and used as branded content. Obviously, the stunt would have to be huge to get lots of people Twittering about it. But hopefully the point comes across. 

Skittles touched upon this idea by pulling in all Twitter ‘Tweets’ that contained the word Skittles. However, what people were saying could have been taken and visualized in cool and funny ways. There could have been some crazy info to base posters, TV or digital ideas on.

It would be interesting to see a similar visualization of people ‘Tweeting’ about the protests today. It could be funny to see protester twitters against police twitters, if anybody in the Met actually is on Twitter. 

Riotman23: I’ve just been hit by a riot van! Ow!

Metdude: Another window of RBS has just been smashed! 

Riotman23: There are more news cameramen down here than protesters.

Metdude: Go away all of you.

Riotman23: The cameramen have just started protesting! 

Metdude: Cameras are flying everywhere! Just arrested a whole News crew.

Anyway, this video just shows that information people are creating can be made visually interesting.

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