Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Adidas Teamgeist

This is the new website from Adidas football where you play the Germany team's world cup finals in a simple 'chess' type strategy football game.

It's nicely wrapped up with a simple comic book narrative that explains how you need to reclaim the three stars from past world cup wins. No budget has been pulled for sure. The production level is through the roof on this one.

You can spot the art direction influence a mile off too. It wreaks of the film Sin City at the start. Even some of the shots are just copied. The really good bit about this website is the music. It has a big epic Amphitheater feel to it. It gives the whole experience a more exciting edge and pace.

The biggest frustrations though, is realising you've successfully helped Germany win three world cups again. A bit of kick in the face being from England.

Take a look here.

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