Thursday, 19 November 2009

Not one but two great ideas!

Red bull Project X

Toshiba Space Chair

First up is an amazing idea from Red Bull. They take the world's best snowboarder (Shaun White) and make a secret half pipe in the middle of nowhere for him to try and make up new tricks.

The scale of the project is the impressive thing here. The ramp they've built is insanely big and some of the tricks Shaun White is pulling off are almost beyond belief.

The ramp also has one of the biggest foam pits ever because even Shaun White sometimes needs a few practise runs to get a trick right.

Let's send an arm chair into space, what a brilliant idea. Really like the way this is executed too, it's clean, minimal and really striking as the chair floats above earth.

The 60 second spot is probably a bit more punchier than the 90. but that's just knit picking.

The line is good on the TV ad as well 'Arm chair viewing, redefined'.


The similar thing about these campaigns is the focus on the making of's as well as the idea. When you do something out there and crazy it makes sense to create more content for people to view and get involved with.

Both ideas come with interesting video's that explain how the projects were made. The Red Bull project X has packaged this content better.

They haven't opted for a straight 'making of' video but chopped the video's bite sized pieces and let the user navigate around the half pipe to view them. It's just makes the Red Bull site slightly more engaging.

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