Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Excuse me, but there's a fly in my idea

Dead fly art

Banner flies

Flies. Their not usually know for their creative qualities. However, these two ideas seemed to have used them quite well.

Admittedly these ideas border on the down right weird slash insane area, but that's probably what makes them work so well.

The two images at the top are titled 'dead fly art'. This is simply drawing humorous things around dead flies. Get it?

The next two images are part of a more complex idea. But not by very much. A German agency attached small banners to flies and had them fly around and land of people. It's a different way to advertise for definite.

The PR stunt seemed to work quite well. It getting good praise on this blog for sure.

The really clever thing about this idea was that the banners were weighted just right so the flies could only go so far before they had to land.

Also, i would love to know how they tied the banners on the flies in the first place. If anybody can shed light on this it would be ace?

All I can hope it that the flies were paid a good hourly rate for their time.

Take a look at the article and the flies in action here.

1 comment:

Ben said...

Freeze the flies!
It only puts them to sleep, which leaves you with a couple of minutes to perform the tricky task of tying some cotton around their abdomens.
My brother and I used to do it when we were little (not so successfully, though).