Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Best Idea of the Year?

Anyone else not seen the Coke Polar Bowl? Well here it is.

I'm not sure how I missed this. But it's one of the best ideas of the year in my opinion. I was shown this  by Framestore and was literally bowled over by it.

It's simple, during the Superbowl you could go to and watch two Coca Cola Polar Bears reacting in real-time to the game. 

Great idea, but what really impresses me is the insight it's based on. 

It's a common truth (and a great insight to build a new idea/platform on) that we all sit watching TV with our laptop, tablet or smart phone by our side.

We all do it. Update our status, follow what people are saying about TV shows etc etc.

This idea owns that second screen for the entire Superbowl and does something interesting and funny.

That's four hours of engagement for a fraction of what it costs to run an ad at half time.

But being Coke, they still did a half time TV spot. But they integrated it with this idea. Watch below.

So what would make me engage for four hours? It's a good question and one that this idea has really nailed.

The Polar Bears reacted to everything. The National Anthem, first downs, fouls, touch downs, bad calls. They even started doing the Vogue dance during Madonna's half time show. This went down a treat on twitter.

However, there's only so long that people would stay interested with these gimmicks of the bears reacting to touchdowns. It's fun but it's good that this idea had more.

Social platforms were used as well. People could Tweet to the Polar Bears and you saw them respond to people and show they profile photos. 

The Polar Bears reacted in so many different ways it kept the interest up. You didn't know what they were going to do next.

I'd give my left nut to create and produce work as good as this. Titanium Lion for the Bears i think. 

The agency that did this was Wieden and Kennedy, Portland. 

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