Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Digital Roy and Big G do Science!

(from the left) Our CD, Digy Roy and Big G trying to act like a band through the heat camera in the Launch Pad area.

The Listening Post

Today we got taken by our Creative Director to the London Science Museum to suckle at the teat of inspiration.

It's alway good to get out and just see arty crap, touch this, play with that etc. generally just lark about! You don't get the same "i feel creative" feeling when your constantly looking at a laptop. Anyone else agree?

Anyway if you cheeky Londoners out there fancy a great bit of inspiration we recommend the Listening Post and the Launch pad area in the Science Museum. The latter is a great hands on science experiment experience.

The Listening Post is...

"...a ‘dynamic portrait’ of online communication, displaying uncensored fragments of text, sampled in real-time, from public internet chatrooms and bulletin boards. Artists Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin have divided their work into seven separate ‘scenes’ akin to movements in a symphony. Each scene has its own ‘internal logic’, sifting, filtering and ordering the text fragments in different ways."

Check out this video for more of an idea of what its like.

We thought it was insane. The idea of tapping into random chat rooms and voicing what people are writing is brilliant!

Oh, and if anyone can think of a cool band name for the first picture we might think about cutting a record!

Digy Roy and Big G Over and Out.

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