Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Quest for the Idea.

Why is it insanely difficult coming up with those ideas that are just mind bending-ly obvious?

We've all had that creative feeling rising up inside hoping there are some ideas like this left to grab! They are out there for the taking, it's just a matter of finding them.

We offer up these examples that we've found.

Shreddies - what's could be said about Shreddies that new and interesting?...Nothing really. So they tilt them on a 45% angle and create a new product to push! New Diamond Shreddies.

Brilliant, simple and funny! Check it all out here. It's a really good integrated campaign!

Equal Measures - A functional measuring jug given a interesting thought provoking twist by coming up with a new system to measure with. As much flour as the worlds population anyone?

See it in all its glory here.Construction Eating Utensils - We know, we seem to have a thing about novelty forks. But this is a great idea to get kids to eat and have fun doing it. Ticks all the right boxes for parents!

Get some bulldozing action here.

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