Friday, 1 February 2008

Gillette. The only thing a man can get.

So, I expect many men have had the “crap, what one do I get” moment, is it the one with the battery, the one with 16 blades, or the one called Fusion-Techo-Bigman. These are decisions that we have to make whether we like it or not, and I expect I’m not the only man that resents having to make them. However it’s all made up for by the fact that we are gently carried along the shaving train. We are given simple baby steps, basically each razor seems to have something extra that mine doesn’t, and one thing is for sure I don’t want any man to know I’m inadequate (in the shaving department). So in a vein attempt to be the best! I continue to buy what is literally pushed in my face. If you’re anything like me you wait for birthdays and Christmas' to have the decision taken out of your hands. Plus not paying for it holds my resentfulness at bay.

Anyway, lets talk Gillette. Is it the best a man can get? Probably not. Is it the only thing a man can get? Yes. Ok there is Wilkinson Sword, but that just reminds me of my dad, who's even converted to Gillette (maybe not through choice). But Gillette feels like the lynx of the shaving world, I want a razor to come into my life with no fussy bits and a slice of class. Oh, and realism, I’m not a champion, I don’t high five every time I make a business deal and unfortunately I have never been an astronaut.

So in conclusion, Gillette. The best a man can get…for now.

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