Friday, 1 February 2008

Sleeve Art

This was something we stumbled upon at the beginning of the year. Who would have thought that vinyl sleeves would make a comeback in this modern world of downloading!

Quick fact - apparently 90% of purchased music is downloaded.

This actually brings up an idea that we were discussing the other day.

Album art needs to develop. At the moment what would have been a large canvas now only exists as a jpeg that just sits as a still on itunes. But it could be so much more. Bring on interactivity is what we say!

Artists could create artwork that could be moved, changed and played with (embedded videos maybe). Music can touch on more senses! Just think of the itunes visualiser as your own music and visual playground!

Album artwork should be moving along way from Vinyl sleeves very soon we think!

Anyone else thinks artists could benefit from immersing their audience in an audio/visual experience? Imagine the Daft Punk concert experience right on your laptop...Awesome!

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