Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Honorable Toastie

While Digital Roy is off gallivanting i thought i would take some time to talk about the toastie.

We've both been really skint this month and had to find cheap "creative" ways to feed ourselves that doesn't mean we have to raid bins!

Making sandwiches on the cheap gets boring very quickly. We're in our second week of cheap lunches and have decided we needed a fresh angle.

This is where the toastie machine comes into play!

Why is it if you put a mundane sandwich in a toastie machine it comes out tasting 10 times better and seems more glamorous? We're not getting comments like "counting the pennies i see" instead we're being praised "a toastie, what a good idea!"

I'm beginning to see this toastie experiment as an analogy for ideas for ads.

You have an idea, its ok, not the most original thought. What could make it original and might get people talking is probably the treatment, its final look and feel.

The design department is the toastie machine. I think its important to get these guys feedback on an ad as they know whats possible and could brown it to perfection.

So my conclusion is...

If you have an ok idea put it in the toastie machine for five minutes and create a great ad!


James-H said...

I've been eating goddamned soup for three weeks. You've talked me into a Foreman grill for the office kitchen. I smell a trend.

Carb Free Creativity said...

I got in this morning and low and behold the sandwich toaster has been upgraded to a full on panini/sandwich grill machine!

I can see creative lunch sparks flying already!

The possibilities could be endless!

Rachel and Debbie said...

why am I suddenly craving a toastie?